Signify acquires Pierlite to improve its position in Australian and New Zealand lighting markets
Signify combines the strong R&D and innovation capabilities of a global market leader with the significant network of a Pacific-based company with more than 70 years of heritage Combines Pierlite's indoor lighting portfolio with Signify's comprehensive P
Horticultural SSL news: LEDs spur lily growth in Holland, lettuce in Maryland
Using LED technology which have boosted 60% lettuce yield increase
NKT(Dongguan Nuoke) LED Lighting New Website launched
NKT(Dongguan Nuoke led Lighting) adds a new SMT line to increase capacity to build 5,000 LED Light Engines a day.
2019 Lighting Fairs
All Major International Lighting Fairs schedule is here!
NKT led grow lights get DLC certification
In June.2021, nkt led lighting's led grow light application has been published by DLC
NKT(Dongguan Nuoke) LED Lighting invest LED gow lights
In year 2019, NKT(Dongguan Nuoke) LED Lighting invest LED gow lights
NKT lighting(Dongguan Nuoke) has been CE certificated
In Sep.2020, NKT lighting (Dongguan Nuoke) led module,led strip products get the certification of conformity
Things to pay attention to when installing and wiring LED lighting fixtures
The lighting fixtures including all parts required to fix and protect LED lamps, as well as circuit accessories required to connect the power supply needs to be paid attention to when installing and wiring
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