Things to pay attention to when installing and wiring LED lighting fixtures

Things to pay attention to when installing and wiring LED lighting fixtures
The lighting fixtures of the lighting companies are the general term for LED fixtures, which refer to appliances that can transmit light, distribute and change the light distribution of LED light sources, including all parts required to fix and protect LED light sources, as well as circuit accessories required to connect the power supply. With the further maturity of LED technology, LED will achieve more and better development in the field of bedroom lighting design and development. The design of life lamps in the 21st century will take LED lamps as the mainstream, fully reflecting the development trend of energy saving, health, art and humanized lighting, and become the leading culture of life lamps. Entering the new century, LED lighting will surely illuminate everyone's living room, change everyone's life, and become a great revolution in lighting development and design.
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Therefore, its installation procedure is installed in the lighting fixture, which should be carried out after the building decoration is completed. The single-strand wire can be directly connected to the fixture, and the multi-strand wire should be tinned and connected to the equipment. After the machine head is connected, the phase sequence of the socket is left zero and right fire grounding. The switch should enter the fire and light the lamp. Large lamps should have safety protection measures, lamps should have shock absorption measures in special places, and various box boards and large lamps should be reliably grounded. . The model and specifications of lamps and lanterns must meet the design requirements, and the installation elevation must meet the requirements of design and construction specifications. When installing a row lamp, the allowable deviation of the center line is not more than 5mm, the conductor enters the lamp, the insulation and margin are good, and the contact is tight. When installing a row of switch cabinets, the height difference should not be greater than 2mm. The height difference between switches and sockets on the same floor should be no more than 5mm.
choosing LED combinations of various LED modules with different color LEDs, power supply and other LED light sources to illuminate and install them in the bedroom
Lighting fixtures, you can choose LED combinations of various LED modules with different light colors and soft illumination, and install them in the bedroom. It is no longer limited to a single lamp, but is transformed from a single lamp to a shadowless lamp, without the overall lighting effect of the lighting fixture. Different light colors and brightness will have different effects on people's physiology and psychology. In many cases, one does not need very bright white light. Maybe yellow light or other colors are more suitable for physical and psychological needs. The three-primary color LED can realize the continuous transformation and selection of brightness, grayscale and color, so that the lighting can change from white light in the general sense to various colors.
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