1. How do I know your company is reliable? 
A Customer fooled by a supplier and NKT (Dongguan Nuoke) LED Lighting helped them!- A true story!

a. Let me tell you a story first. In 2015, one customer(Company A) was not our customer yet, who was introduced to us by another customer of ours(Company B) in the U.S. Company A had a lens supplier in China, they paid tooling to do a type of lens, but the supplier couldn't provide them satisfying samples. After back and forth communication about the quality requirements, the supplier thought they were too picky and didn't respond for a long time. Company A was in an emergency situation because they needed this lens to go with the new designed products and planned to release this product soon. Finally, the CEO of company A called us to see if we could help pay a vist to his lens supplier. We went to the supplier right after we hung up the call. When we got to the company, the sales person complained about how difficult to communicate with company A. We requested to see the boss. The boss told us he didn't know the situation and agreed to solve the problem. We stayed there 2 days until they made another batch of samples. We left after UPS loaded the samples on the truck. Of course, because of this, company A has become our loyal customer since 2015. They purchased millions of  LED Module from us and have become our biggest customer. 

b. We guess one important reason for not trusting a company is because they don't know anyone from this company and they have no idea what this company is like. We travel every year to different countries. If needed, we can schedule a visit to see you to discuss your projects in person. No matter your projects are our off the shelf LED Module, LED Light strips or custom products, we can deliver them all. We offer different products for different applicatons, like indoor illumination or outdoor LED Lighting products. 

2. Do you customize LED Module, LED Round Module, LED Light Engine, LED Light strip if you don't have suitable products for us? 
Yes, we do. We know one size doesn't fit all. When you design a new product, you may need a different size, different lumen output or different efficacy. You can tell us the requirements and we will deliver them to you. Actually, this is what we do most. Of course, I guess you have many concerns about custom products, like MOQ, reliability of the products, pricing, lead time, etc. I will answer all the queastions in the below paragraphs. 

3. Is MOQ big?
Before your products take off, we don't have MOQ requirement as long as you don't need us to make requested packaging. Sometimes maybe 1 out of 10 products are sold well, so we don't request MOQ as big brands like Signify, Osram Sylvilia. 

4. What is the lead time to design LED Module, LED Round Module, LED Light Engine, or LED Light strips? 
It takes us 2 days to come up with a proposal. If you approve the proposal, it takes another 2 days to do the PCB layout for the led module, the schematics, etc. To get samples ready normally takes about 10-12 days. 

5. Are the samples free?
We don't charge engineering fee, but sample fee is probably needed. We believe customers appreicate our work more if they are willing to pay for the samples. If they are off the shelf products, we may not charge sample fee. If they are customized LED module products, we may charge $50-$100.

6. Are the products high quality LED Module?
Yes, we only use worldwide brand LEDs and other needed electronic components. To have better heat dissipation function, we use Panasoni PCB which very few other suppliers in China use. To achive the best efficacy of LED module , we use the best PCB paint which can get  to 95% reflective rate. Our design complies with any safe standards like UL, CE, SAA, etc. 

7. Do you do OEM ?
Yes, we do, if you go to our product page, there is a dropdown box "OEM products". It shows what type of products we built for other customers. You can get some idea on what we can do. Since these products were designed by our customers, so we don't sell to other people. If you have your own design and you think we may be able to assist you, please give us a try. 
What can we do for you? Email us and let me know what you need!