Add-Value Service:

1. You may experience culture shock or road rage when you come to China. The 1st thing you wvalue add services -NKT LED Lightingill notice is that so many cars are on the road and a driver wants to overtake another car in a scary way. To have a local and experienced driver is important to make you feel safe. When you come to China to visit us, we will pick you up at the airport and arrange your transportation the time you stay with us. If you want to see other suppliers, we can help you arrange transportation or it can be completely free if our own people are available.

2. We have people who understand different cultures well and speak fluent English. If you need interpreting assistance, we can definetly help you. It is free. 

3. Nowadays, it is very easy to find a suitable hotel online, but sometimes it can be a bump. If you don't know the area, you may find a hotel which is far away from your destination. Most of our customers have had this problem if they book the hotel without consulting us. 

4. What are trying to do is to make your trip easier and successful. We travel to other countries as well, so we understand the challenge without knowing the places, especially without understanding the languages. When you have locals to help you with this, not only you can do your business faster, but also you can learn more about different cultures and appreciate delicious cuisines. 

5. We are not only a LED Module manufacturer, but also an extra-value service provider to help you achieve your goal in a easy and comfortable way! 

What can we do for you? Email us and let me know what you need!