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NKT partners with the best Printed Circuit Board manufacturers in China mainland to reduce cost
and to boost competitiveness for its customers. Our engineering team uses the latest technology software
to assist our customers with their PCB design and layout, upon request. The design process may vary as quick
as 2 business days up to 2 weeks based on the project complexity.

We usually use two materials for our LED modules:

1, CEM 3 led boards, the use of CEM 3 PCBs with LEDs has several advantages:

Lower cost: CEM-3 uses glass cloth and glass mat composite substrate, also known as composite substrate,
rather than pure glass cloth. CEM-3 is a composite copper clad laminate with a performance level between
CEM-1 and FR-4

Better heat dissipation: the overall thickness of the PCB laminated material is within a range of 0.6 to 1.0mm. More preferably, the overall thickness of the PCB laminated material is within a range of 0.6 - 0.8mm. It is advantageous to have thinner PCB laminated material for decreasing thermal resistance

High thermal conductivity:  CEM 3 PCB epoxy resin material allow thermal conductivity achieve at
1.7 W/mK at least

Good manufacturability: With excellent machinability, it can be processed to the style you want

Lightweight: The core of the circuit board made of CEM 3 has no extra weight from other materials.
Shipping and handling becomes more cost-effective due to the lighter weight.

There are only a few companies worldwide which have CEM-3 material with thermal conductivity.
The ones we purchase use Japan  Panasonic material. 

2, ALUMINUM LED PCB, the use of aluminum PCBs also has advantages:
Better value: Aluminum saves production costs in two ways. Aluminum is more cost-effective compared toother metals. By choosing a board with this metal at its core, designs can avoid adding less cost-effective
heat sinks for thermal regulation.

Recyclable: Aluminum is easy to recycle and non-toxic.

Durable: Aluminum is stronger and more durable than glass, fiberglass or ceramic printed circuit boards,
especially against shock and thermal damage.

Improved Heat Transfer: Aluminum PCB cores transfer heat better than standard cores or other materials,
preventing thermal damage to LED components.


NKT help our customers acquire the PCB solutions they need, including for the LED uses. With our knowledge of circuit
boards and LED technology, we can get the right circuit board solutions into our customers'  hands. Contact us for
a free quote questions about our capabilities.

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