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Surface mount technology SMT assembly soldering led light smd pcb circuit board for led strip lights
Item No.:NKT-58-40-196
Surface mount technology SMT assembly soldering led light smd pcb circuit board for led strip lights
Product Advantages:
-Can be snapped in the middle, save the stock and shipping fees.
-Poke in connectors for easy assembly
-2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K are available
-Mouse bite design for easy assembly
-High reflective PCB paint improves high efficacy
Product Specifications:

Nominal voltage

37-42V Wattage Max 117.6W


Max  2800mA Product thickness 1.6mm
Product size 1470*20mm Product weight 50g

Type of current

DC Number of LEDS per module 196

Photometrical data:

Luminous efficacy


Consistent white light

< 3 SDCM

Color rendering index Ra


Available olor temperature CCT

2700K, 3000K,3500K,4000K, 5000K, 6500K

Useful luminous flux (Φuse)

9500lm Dimmable  No

Other information:
PCB Material Aluminum or CEM-3

LED Brands

Seoul or Samsung

Performance temp. 

50 °C

Temperature range at storage

-30~85 °C

Temperature range in operation at Tc point

-20~75 °C

Ambient temperature range

-2~+75 °C

Maximum temperature at tc test point

75 °C

Number of switching cycles






Product Demension:
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Technical Parameters:
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Product Packaging:
smt led circuit board test package, led strip light test package, Surface mount technology test package

More prouct pictures:

smt led circuit board, led strip light, Surface mount technology

Installation & Assembly Guidelines:
• Led modules may be installed using the provided mounting slots/holes.
• Nylon washers should be used on the top side to prevent the screw-head from making electrical contact with traces.
• The led modules may also be mounted using thermal transfer adhesive.
• LEDs should not be touched or contacted during installation to avoid damage
Wire Connector
• Wire connectors will accept 18 to 24 AWG solid or bonded stranded wire.
• To remove wire from connector, depress the indent on the top of the terminal with a wire release tool, and pull the wire.
Electrostatic Sensitive Product
• Installation of Universal Douglas LED Modules should be in an environment that incorporates ESD protective measures.
• Technicians should be grounded and avoid contact with the LEDs when servicing LED Luminaires.

Product family features:
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