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Rigid led pcb circuit board nichia led 3033 RGBW led module addressable for rgbw led strip lights
Item No.:NKT-44-78-RGBW
Rigid led pcb circuit board nichia led 3033 RGBW led module addressable for rgbw led strip lights
Product name: rgbw led module
Part#: NKT-44-XX-78-2
LED Chip: Nichia 3030
Full Spectrum of colors in your hands
Designed with top quality RGBW chips
Customize to your mechanical spec
Constant Voltage design 
ROHS compliant module
Designed with push pin connectors
Applications:Cabinet, Step light, Hote, interior decoration etc
Product Specifications:
Item# NKT-44-78-RGBW Product name: rgbw led module
Shape: Linear LED Types: RGB SMD LED
Voltage: Constant voltage 24V Color: Red, green, blue
LED Chip: Nichia Imput Current(mA) R: 280,  G:300, B:300
Dimension: 1117*17*1.6mm PCB Material: Aluminum, CEM-3
LED QTY: 78pcs Luminous Efficacy(lm/w): R: 28.89,  G:77.09,  B:20.95
Operating temperature: -40℃~50℃ Input Wattage: R: 6.88 G:7.52 B:7.08
Color Temperature(CCT): RGB Radiant Flux(mW) R:1126.5, G:1036.8, B:1763.1
Warranty(Year): 5 Years Applications: Cabinet, Step light, Hote, interior decoration etc

Product Dimension:
RGBW led module layout, rgbw module layout, led module rgbw layout

Technical Parameters:
RGBW led module test, rgbw module test, led module rgbw test

Product packaging:
RGBW led module package, rgbw module package, led module rgbw package

Product Applications:
RGBW led module application, rgbw module application, led module rgbw application

Installation & Assembly Guidelines:
• Led modules may be installed using the provided mounting slots/holes.
• Nylon washers should be used on the top side to prevent the screw-head from making electrical contact with traces.
• The led modules may also be mounted using thermal transfer adhesive.
• LEDs should not be touched or contacted during installation to avoid damage
Wire Connector
• Wire connectors will accept 18 to 24 AWG solid or bonded stranded wire.
• To remove wire from connector, depress the indent on the top of the terminal with a wire release tool, and pull the wire.
Electrostatic Sensitive Product
• Installation of Universal Douglas LED Modules should be in an environment that incorporates ESD protective measures.
• Technicians should be grounded and avoid contact with the LEDs when servicing LED Luminaires.


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