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Flat horn for boat
Flat horn for boat
It is to show what we can do, not for sale.

1. This product is designed by our customer, which is 12V. It is used on boat. It has plastic housing and internal electrical parts. Since it is used on boat, seal is very important. The electrical part inside is completetly covered by potting. Different parts are attached using 3M adhesive, so there is no void that water can get in.

2. Since there is plastic part, it involves tooling and injection. We have cooperated with suppliers who can make mold and inject parts for years. Our suppliers are screened vigorously and have worked with us smoothly, who can help us solve any issues which we have during tooling process or production process. If we need to modify or repair the tooling, no extra fee is charged This saves time and cost. 

3. This is to present what we can do, not for sale. We don't sell our customers' products to others.

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