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Different sizes parallel or Series dimmer bulb light led circuit diagram aluminium pcb board for led
Item No.:NKT-44-40-160
Different sizes parallel or Series dimmer bulb light led circuit diagram aluminium pcb board for led
Product Advantages:
-Can be snapped in the middle, save the stock and shipping fees.
-Poke in connectors for easy assembly
-2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K are available
-Mouse bite design for easy assembly
-High reflective PCB paint improves high efficacy
Product Specifications:

Nominal voltage

27-30V 70.8 Wattage Max W


Max  2400mA Product thickness 1.6mm
Product size 1117.6*15.24*1.6mm Product weight 50g

Type of current

DC Number of LEDS per module 160

Photometrical data:

Luminous efficacy


Consistent white light

< 3 SDCM

Color rendering index Ra


Available olor temperature CCT

2700K, 3000K,3500K,4000K, 5000K, 6500K

Useful luminous flux (Φuse)

6000lm Dimmable  No

Other information:
PCB Material Aluminum or CEM-3

LED Brands

Seoul or Samsung

Performance temp. 

50 °C

Temperature range at storage

-30~85 °C

Temperature range in operation at Tc point

-20~75 °C

Ambient temperature range

-2~+75 °C

Maximum temperature at tc test point

75 °C

Number of switching cycles






Product Demension:
aluminium pcb board for led size, led circuit diagram, parallel led circuit demension

Technical Parameters:
aluminium pcb board for led test, led circuit diagram test, parallel led circuit test

Snapping Instrucitons:
The led pcba can be snapped mide-way to fit a application fixture.
Please use the best practices shown below when handing the led PCBAS:
1) Find a solid and clean surface(working table, bench, tool box cover) suitable to support the led cuircuit board.
2)Align the perforated line(mouse bites) found in the center of the PCB against the edge of a supported surface.
3) Press the overhanging section of the pcb led down as close as possible to the perforated line to snap.

aluminium pcb board for led cuttable, led circuit diagram snapp off, parallel led circuit snap off

Product Packaging:
aluminium pcb board for led package, led circuit diagram package, parallel led circuit package

More prouct pictures:

aluminium pcb board for led, led circuit diagram, parallel led circuit

Installation & Assembly Guidelines:
• Led modules may be installed using the provided mounting slots/holes.
• Nylon washers should be used on the top side to prevent the screw-head from making electrical contact with traces.
• The led modules may also be mounted using thermal transfer adhesive.
• LEDs should not be touched or contacted during installation to avoid damage
Wire Connector
• Wire connectors will accept 18 to 24 AWG solid or bonded stranded wire.
• To remove wire from connector, depress the indent on the top of the terminal with a wire release tool, and pull the wire.
Electrostatic Sensitive Product
• Installation of Universal Douglas LED Modules should be in an environment that incorporates ESD protective measures.
• Technicians should be grounded and avoid contact with the LEDs when servicing LED Luminaires.

Product family features:
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