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Chrome plastic rings
Chrome plastic rings
It is to show what we can do, not for sale.
1. These different sizes of rings were injected using ABS and chromed. These products need to build injection molding first. We have cooperated with some reliable suppliers who can build toolings and inject the products. This helps customers save cost in modifying tooling when needed. For some companies, who can only inject products. Every time they have an issue with the mold or they need to make a change on the mold, extra fee needs to be charged. To have suppliers who can build mold and inject the products, the cost is greatly saved. Of course, even though some companies can build tooling and inject products, to modify the tooling can still charge you. After years of developing relationship with our suppliers, we are here to annonce this won't happen to you if you get this service from us. We only charge one time tooling fee and you will get what you want. 

2. Chrome is a critical process to make a product look smooth and must have lustre. For years, we have sorted out a lot of companies who are not qualified. Bad chrome process makes product look low end and corrode quickly. High quality chrome process makes product look shiny and endure the environment much better. 
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