1. Commodity Versus customized products? 

Although there are a lot of standardized LED modules out there, one can't fit all.  When you want to build something unique, you may find that standard LED modules can't meet your needs. You may need to revise the size, the shape, the efficacy, or even a hole location. Standard LED modules won't help you achieve that, and you find you need a custom product. If you don't, you will have to compromise your product and make it a commodity VS a customized product.

2. To outrank your competitors with fast turn unique products?
LED technology evolves every 6 months. Standard LED modules from big companies like Cree, Osram or Lumileds havea a long sales cycle because it takes them a long time to develop a new LED module. While you stick to their standard product, other companies have already utilized the LED module which applies the newest LEDs which could have better efficacy and lower pricing. To stay ahead of the market, your products need to be updated constantly. Working with Osram or Philip won't help you achieve this, but NKE LED Lighting can. We help customers design LED modules for different applications, like LED troffer, LED Downlight, LED High Bay light, LED Ceiling light, etc.
3. Afraid of getting low quality LED module? Not with us. Afraid of not picking a relaible supplier, not with us. --- go to "NKT Reliable" page to know us more.

When you think about picking a new supplier, then your concerns include: are they reliable, professional and cost effective? Yes, we are. Of course, you probably don't believe us unless you decide to give us a try. To make a quality product, the first thing is to pick the right LED. We only use worldwide brand LED’s, like Seoul, LG, Nichia, Lumileds. This insures long lifespan, the right color temperature and high efficacy. Seoul and LG are 2 brands which we use the most. For customers who need higher standards, Nichia and Lumileds are the options. Lumileds and Nichia have unique color LEDs not found in other brands. When customers have a special application, Lumileds and Nichia are the ones we typically would go for.
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