No MOQ  Requirements! 

Normally the biggest concern for a custom LED Module or LED Light strips is the MOQ. Customers are worried about high MOQ so they give up the idea of innovate a new product. When you have good ideas and you won't have this concern because we can help you make your idea come true. We know not every new project will take off, so we don't have MOQ requirement for your new projects until they finally take off. 

Most of LED Modules no matter they are linear LED modules or round led modules or square led module or other shapes are customized by our customers. Of course, we have off the shelf LED modules to offer as well. If they meet your demand, that is great. If not, welcome to inquire for customization. We will accommodate with 0 MOQ when you start the projects. 
What can we do for you? Email us and let me know what you need!