10-15 Day Lead time! 

When you request us to design a LED Module, you tell us your requirements and we do an evaluation and will give you proposal on a 1-3 day basis. We are not like big companies which take forever to evaluate the project and finally say no to you.

After you approve the proposal, it takes us 2-3 days to design the LED module and 7-10 days to deliver prototypes. If you are happy with the prototypes and request PCB layout and schematic, we will give you the full package. I believe most of companies won't provide you with this because they don't want you to take this to inquire other manufacturers. Of course, we don't want you to do this as well, but we will still give you the documents if you think we are no the right fit and you need to go for other people. Sounds silly? Yes, we are, but we win our customers in a silly way! 
What can we do for you? Email us and let me know what you need!