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75W High Bay, LED Street Light LED Driver
75W High Bay, LED Street Light LED Driver
75W LED Driver is IP 65 rated, which is great for outdoor Lighting like LED Street Light, High Bay Lighting. The LED Driver is UL, FCC, and CE certified. It can be dimmed from 100% to off. It has different dimming modes, like 0-10V dimming, PMW and RX dimming.

Constant current design
Input Voltage: 100V-277V
3 in 1 dimming mode: 0-10V Dimming, PWM, RX
Smoothly dimming(0-100%), can dim to off
UL, TUV, UL, CE, FCC Certified
Surge protection: Differential mode: 6KV.  Common mode:10KV.
PROTECTION: Short Circuit, Open Circuit
Auxiliary output 12V

LED Street Light, High Bay Lighting, High Bay Light and other Outdoor LED Lighting 
The document detail the electrical, mechanical and environmental specifications of a 75W constant
current LED driver with 0-10V Dimming. This LED drive power supply is suitable only for LED load.
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