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11'' mcpcb led board constant current source circuit dc led module
Item No.:NKT-10-40-20-2
11'' mcpcb led board constant current source circuit dc led module
Product Advantages:
-Slim luminaire design by small and flexible form factor
-High homogeneity thanks to small LED pitch
-High voltage (HV) for serial connection
-Low voltage (LV) for parallel connection
-High voltage (HV) optimized for non-isolated, low voltage (LV) -optimized for SELV operation
-Adjustable luminous flux, efficacy and lifetime
-Direct the light where it’s needed while using PrevaLED Linear --Optics
Areas of application
Product Specifications:

Nominal voltage

26.92V Energy consumption in on-mode 6.1 kWh/1000h

Nominal current

130mA On-mode power 3.5W
Product size 279.4*15.24mm Product weight 20g

Type of current

DC Number of LEDS per module 20

Photometrical data:

Luminous efficacy


Colour consistency (McAdam ellipses)

6.1 kWh/1000h

Color rendering index Ra


Correlated color temperature CCT


Useful luminous flux (Φuse)


Other information:

Warm-up time (60 %)

< 2.00 s

Starting time

< 0.1 s

Performance temp. 

50 °C

Temperature range at storage

-30…85 °C

Temperature range in operation at Tc point

-20…75 °C

Ambient temperature range

-20…+75 °C

Maximum temperature at tc test point

75 °C

Number of switching cycles


Lumen maintenance factor LMF


L70B50 lifetime

100000 h

Product Demension:

Technical Parameters:

Product Packaging:


Information about Family

High performance values for best-in-class luminaires:
These light engines offer a broad range of length and luminous flux as well as a wide CCT range from 2700 K to 6500 K. Slim luminaire designs are possible by the small and flexible form factor and thanks to a small LED pitch this product reaches high homogeneity. The PrevaLED Linear Optics will direct the light to where it’s needed.

Product family features:
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